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Body Wave Keratin Hair Extensions Micro Link Flat Tip Hair Extensions Cuticles Remy Keratin Bonds 12"-26"(复制)

Body Wave Keratin Hair Extensions Micro Link Flat Tip Hair Extensions Cuticles Remy Keratin Bonds 12"-26"(复制)

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Longest Hair Proportion : >=35%
Unit Weight : 1g/Strand
Hair Grade : Remy Hair
Brand Name : MRSHAIR
Origin : Mainland China
Color : Natural Black 1B
Available Length : Yes, Darker Color
Texture : Deep wave
Can Be Heated : Yes, less than 180℃ 

Why Do You Need Flat Tip Body Wave Keratin Hair Extensions ?

MRSHAIR Flat Tip Deep Wave Keratin Hair Extensions For Black Women Micro Beads Hair 50g/pack With Free 1.5cm Keratin Tips:

1. No glue, no heat, no harm to natural hair.
2. Give Away Free and enough microbeads.
3. Easy to remove or reinstall.
4. Best Choice for those girls with thick hair who want to get a very big volume and length at the same time.
5. Suitable for installation in non-occipital areas.
6. Easy to do Different hairstyles ( Half up/ half down / high bun/ ponytail.)
7. Blends with natural hair seamlessly.

Hair Information

Material Quality: 100% Brazilian Real Human Hair.
No Synthetic hair, No Animal Hair! 1.5cm Long Cylindrical Keratin Tips, Tight and Neat!
Healthy To End, No Split ! No Shedding, No tangle, No Knots, No Lice !
Can Be Dyed To More Darker Color !
Can Be Bleached to Highest Color #27,
Cannot Be Bleached to #27
Color: #1B,customize #2 #4 (3-5days before shipping out)
Length: 12inch 14inch 16inch 18inch 20inch 22inch 24inch 26inch

Weight & Quantity

Weight: 50 grams/ 50 strands Each Pack 1 gram Each Strand
Capsule size: 1.5cm, can be cut off to be shortter
Life Span: 6-12 Month
--If you not change hair color and don't use heat iron, this hair will be able to used for 12monthes. Each 3 monthes, when your hair has grown out, please let hairlist to reinstall it with new micro rings and reshine hair extensions.

Hairdye and Heat iron will shorten the lifetime, for a longer lifespan, please keep good hair maintanence.

Application Suggestion

For testing hair or adding volume for your long hair wig, order 1pack 50grams, please.
If you have short hair (short than shoulder length), order at least 4 packs or 200grams please.
if you have short hair (short than shoulder length), want long, full and volume hair, order 6 packs 300grams or more please.

How to do HAIR CARE each day?

1.Wash the hair 1-2 times each week.
2. Warm Water washing, use a mild or Weak acid shampoo.
3. Use A Wide Teeth to Comb the hair, first comb the ends, then middle, then top.

What CAN and CAN'T I do on the hair?

**********What you can do**********
1.use the olive oil or hair conditioner twice or three times each week. 2. Brush hair 2-4 times each day. 3. Making loose braids or ponytails before sleeping. 4. Apply heat protection product to the hair before heating hair with flat iron or roller.
**********What you cannot do**********
1.Can't wash hair within 2 days after application.
2.Cannot sleep with wet hair.
3.Can't brush it when hair is wet.
4.Cannot bleach it again.
5.Can't swim without a professional swim cap.
6.Can not use shampoos and conditioner which contains alcohol.
7. Don't grasp the root of hair overexert when washing.

Can This Hair Be Straightened, Curled?

Yes, the hair is real human hair so it can be straightened or curled, but please don't do it too frequently if you want hair with a longer lifetime. If you restyle it each day, the lifetime may be 4-8 weeks and hair ends will be very dry.

How to Identify Human Hair and Synthetic Hair?

********Human Hair********
---Burns very quickly, and it smells like a burst fragranced. ---When the lighter is moved away, the fire will be extinguished immediately. ---After burning, it is easy to turn to be ashes.
********Synthetic Hair********
---Smells like burning plastic, very pungent, and there is black smoke when it is burning. ---When the lighter is moved away,The hair will continue to burn for several seconds. ---After burning, it turns some small lumps.
Why the real hair color looks different with description?
Monitor Reason: Because the colors on the Monitos of different mobile phones and computers are different, we will use the displays of Apple mobile phones and computers as the standard, and try to show the pictures of the products as true as possible. But even so, we cannot guarantee that the color of your hair after receipt will be exactly the same as when you purchased it.

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