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MRS HAIR Silky Straight Human Hair Bundles High Quality Remy Human Hair Extensions Double Weft Natural Black 12"-26" 50g/pack

MRS HAIR Silky Straight Human Hair Bundles High Quality Remy Human Hair Extensions Double Weft Natural Black 12"-26" 50g/pack

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Ships From : CN

Model Number : Human Hair Bundles

Hair Grade : Remy Hair

Brand Name : MRSHAIR

Origin : Mainland China

Brand Name : MRSHAIR

Material Grade : Machine Remy Hair

Texture : Straight

Suitable Dying Colors : Darker Color Only

Chemical Processing : Straightened

Can Be Permed : Yes

Hair Extension Type : Hair Weaving Hair Weft Hair Bundles

Longest Hair Proportion : 30%-35%

Unit Weight : 100g(+/-5g)/piece

Items per Package : 1 Bundle

Quality : Soft no tangle

Color Type : Pure Color and Piano Color

Lifetime : 3-6 Month

Hair Color : Platinum Blonde, Brown, Black

MRSHAIR Real Human Hair Weaves Material

Quality: 100% Brazilian Real Human Hair.
No Synthetic hair, No Animal Hair!
Machine made Double weft, Tight and Neat! Soft, Smooth, Gloosy, Silky, Straight !
Healthy To End, Few Split ends !
No Shedding, No tangle, No Knots, No Lice !
Can Be Curled, Straightened, Can Be Dyed To More Darker Color !

Application Suggestion

1. If you want to add volume or highlight color only, order 1-2 bundle.
2. If you have short hair, but want a full head look and long hair, order 4-6 bundles.
3. If you want a very full hair, order more than 6 bundles.
4. Contact us for more live photos & video.

Install Steps

1. Take the starting curtain and compare the width of your forehead to cut it to fit the width.
2. Align the hair curtain with the position you need to wear and secure it with the hair clip.
3. Use the pointed tail comb to pick up a small piece of real hair under the curtain and smooth it.
4. After the curtain is covered, pick up a small amount of real hair from below, and distribute the two hairs and fakes together smoothly.
5. Use a nano-ring threader to gather the hair together.
6. Push the nanoring up to the hair root.
7. Use a pair of pliers to flatten the nanoring and fix the hair underneath. 8.According to the above steps to try to wear more.

What CAN and CAN'T I do on the hair?

**********What you can do**********
1.use the olive oil or hair conditioner twice or three times each week.
2. Brush hair 2-4 times each day.
3. Making loose braids or ponytails before sleeping.
4. Apply heat protection product to the hair before heating hair with flat iron or roller.
**********What you cannot do**********
1.Can't wash hair within 2 days after application.
2.Cannot sleep with wet hair.
3.Can't brush it when hair is wet.
4.Cannot bleach it again.
5.Can't swim without a professional swim cap.
6.Can not use shampoos and conditioner which contains alcohol.
7.Can not blow the root of hairs too near with the hair drier. 8. Don't grasp the root of hair overexert when washing.

Is this Human hair?

How to Identify Human Hair and Synthetic hair?
--Firstly, get ready for a lighter and a little strand of hair ( At least 10 hairs). --Then, burning the end of hair for 3 Seconds.

********Human Hair********
---Burns very quickly, and it smells like a burst fragranced. ---When the lighter is moved away, the fire will be extinguished immediately. ---After burning, it is easy to turn to be ashes.
********Synthetic Hair********
---Smells like burning plastic, very pungent, and there is black smoke when it is burning. ---When the lighter is moved away,The hair will continue to burn for several seconds. ---After burning, it turns some small lumps.
Why the real hair color looks different with description?
Monitor Reason: Because the colors on the Monitos of different mobile phones and computers are different, we will use the displays of Apple mobile phones and computers as the standard, and try to show the pictures of the products as true as possible. But even so, we cannot guarantee that the color of your hair after receipt will be exactly the same as when you purchased it.

Why the hair color I ordered this time looks different with last same hair order?

It's normal. If you buy more than two hairs of the same size in one order, the hair you received may be the same color. But if you buy new hair with the same color after more than 3 months, or buy a different size of hair at one time, there may be a color difference. Because the factory will dye according to the standard color card we provide, but because of the hair products and dyeing batch, the factory can only guarantee that the color of the same length of hair dyed in a dyeing vat within a production time is exactly the same. In addition to this situation, there may be color differences for hair of different sizes. This is a normal production process, please understand. But please don't worry, the factory will ensure the color difference will not be obvious. If you are still worried about this issue, please let us show you the latest hair color before each purchase so that you can decide to pay or not.

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Brenden Considine

MRS HAIR Silky Straight Human Hair Bundles High Quality Remy Human Hair Extensions Double Weft Natural Black 12"-26" 50g/pack

Amber Reynolds

MRS HAIR Silky Straight Human Hair Bundles High Quality Remy Human Hair Extensions Double Weft Natural Black 12"-26" 50g/pack

Tanner Shanahan

I liked it very much ..
I will reorder insurance

Lincoln Bosco

💯% Natural hair.

Oren Rutherford