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MRS HAIR Electric Tape Remover Plug-in Working No Battery Flat Soldering Tip Tape Extensions Removal 5V 2A

MRS HAIR Electric Tape Remover Plug-in Working No Battery Flat Soldering Tip Tape Extensions Removal 5V 2A

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Origin : Mainland China

Instruction Must Read Before Buying

--How To Start It?

This product is not including the battery, so it needs to be connected with the plug-in.
1.Please make sure that the current you connect is 5V/2A.
2.Current less than 2A will cause insufficient soldering iron temperature or failure to start.
3. After connected, the machine can be started by clicking the botton directly.Very easy to be started.

--How To Use It?

In order to prevent excessive temperature, there is a 10 second overheating protection program.
please wait 10 seconds after selecting the working leval. (green light is recommended)
When not in use, please turn it off immediately and do not let it continue to heat.
The removal process does not require excessive pressure.
Do not put too much pressure on the weft, or the weft will crack or burn

---Why You need it?

* Quick & Fast
* Save You Time
* No More Sticky Fingers
* Save Glue Remover
* No Need Water
* No Need to Wait for Tape to Get Dry
* No Bad Smell

---Removable Soldering Iron Tip
---510 Interface
(M7*0.5mm thread interface)
Green: 230℃-280℃
Blue: 300℃-350℃
Red: 380℃-420℃
---Micro Interface

How to Choose Working Mode?

We recommend that you start with the low Green mode until you find the right working mode for your tape.
MRSHAIR PU invisible Tape, use Green Mode, please.
MRSHAIR Classic Tape Weft, use Blue Mode, please.

The sponge becomes larger after adding water. and can be used to clean Tip
Plug-In Working
Rated Valtage:5V
Rated Current:2A

Steps of Retape

· Turn on the switch andswitch the power supply to blue.
· Wait 8-10 seconds for the machine to heat up.
· Slowly move the tip, push the old glue, slowly from the inside to the outside.

(Note, don't use too much force, don't let the tip stay in one place for too long to avoid weft breakage)
· Repeatedly push until the film is clean.
· Place new film and trim the edges.

Please Eusure Your Address Is Safe and Valid

In order to ensure that your package can arrive safely, please make sure that there is no problem with your address before placing an order. The P.0.Box address is very easy to lose the package. If you put the address in the P.O.BOX, the package shows that it is signed, lost or stolen, then AliExpress will not give you a refund for the dispute. Please do not uninstall the app before receiving the goods, and check the latest status of the package in time to contact the post office or courier company in time.

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